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Exfo - FLS 300

The FLS-300 Light Source is part of EXFO’s new line of handheld units, which includes the FPM-300 Power Meter and the FOT-300 Optical Loss Test Set.

Specifications :

■ Multifunctional light source: up to three singlemode wavelengths on a single port, 4 ports
■ Power autonomy of 120 hours.
■ Highest output power in the industry.
■ Ergonomic, eye-catching handheld package.
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A family of pocket-sized and low-cost optical light sources for the installation and maintenance of singlemode and multimode fiber optic networks.


■ Micro USB interface for power supply .
■ One output port for 2 wavelengths .
■ 3-years calibration period.
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Deviser LS 200

LS series light source is qualified in optical network, CATV and FTTX maintenance. Together with our optical power meter, it is a perfect solution for fiber optic network applications.


■ Multi wavelength output .
■ CW mode or modulated mode, 270HZ,330HZ,1KHZ,2KHZ /div>
■ Adjustable output power .
■ 30 hours working time .
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